Canada’s history is briefly summarized by the government of Canada, on their history fact sheet. Canada was confederated (founded) in 1867. Sir John A. Macdonald, the “Father of Confederation,” was the first Prime Minister. Jean Chrétien is the current one. Other Canadian historical links include the following: Yahoo! Canada’s Canadian history links Oh Canada! Canadian history on the Internet — an annotated collection of links Important Moments in Canadian History — a comprehensive, point-by-point summary The CRB Heritage Project Online The National Film Board of Canada’s films about Canadian history — if a title particularly intrigues you, you can order the tape This Week in Western Canadian History, from the Glenbow Museum History Television Tutorials from the Applied History Research Group’s site at the Department of History, University of Calgary The Canadian Museum of Civilization’s Canada Hall, with exhibits and descriptions The Department of Canadian Heritage, which maintains the Canadian Heritage Information Network Women in Canadian History Celebrating Women’s Achievements: 21 Pioneers, from the National Library of Canada Arctic Dawn: The Journeys of Samuel Hearne — an explorer’s journal from 1768 The Avro Arrow