Find recognized service – CanIP. Details: CanIP, which is a division of Canadian Postal Service (CPS), recognizes, but does not certify, post address validation and address verification software on this list. This is a separate organization than Canadian Postal Services. These packages have been evaluated by the Software Evaluation and Review Program (SERP) utilizing the standards set by Canada Post as of Aug 2021. This program covers four areas of software testing for the Canadian Postal Service (CPS).

The canada post address verification software can be accessed through secure internet connections from anywhere in the world. It can be used to access Canadian Postal Service (CPS) services and to access Canadian Business Information Management System (CBIMS). The software has a feature that allows authorized personnel of the Canadian Postal Service (CPS) to determine whether there are any unacceptable mistakes on a piece of mail before it is signed for.

How to avoid Spam using Validation Technology?

The CAN-SPAM act requires that any email, including electronic mails, that are sent to the United States must contain a recognizable signature. A typical canada postal code validation application verifies the full seven-digit address data block. The canada address verification software can verify both residential and business addresses. The system can cross-reference a postmaster list to verify an email address or validate an international number. It can also verify a user name to verify an electronic account.

The canadian address verification web service can be accessed from any browser and can be downloaded in seconds. Canadian users can validate their mailboxes from anywhere in the world by logging onto the canadian postal service website and viewing their current location through their web service provider. All they need to do is copy and paste the address data into the web address entry field. Canadian post codes are supported through this web service by all major cities in Canada; however, some of the smaller cities such as Trois-des Lisieres, Orleans and Beauseboise have yet to be supported through this web service. It is also possible to view Canadian Post Office’s (CPO) address data from the web service only for cities/districts in Canada that are part of the Canadian Postal Service’s (CPS’s) network.

Using this software, canadian residents can validate canadian post codes with their web service provider and use it to look up their local post office. They can then look up their respective post offices online using their local postal code. The canadian Postmaster service offers this database to any user at any time. Canadian post codes are always updated and so you can use this software to look up any post code in Canada at any time. To make the whole process faster, canada post codes can also be searched using any one of the many databases provided by the Canadian Postal Service. These databases include the name of the local post office, their address, phone numbers, fax numbers, maps and so much more.

This can allow anyone to validate canada post codes in a very short period of time. Users can save time by accessing the database of a local post office and look up addresses using their local address data. This can also allow a person to access this information and even update their details. The fact that a person can look up their address data is very important. It enables them to keep their property safe and secure at all times.


Many businesses have realized the importance of canadian address validation. Canadian postal codes are unique and used widely in our country; there is no way for us to validate these addresses with anything else but the actual address data provided by the post office. Validation services allow you to make sure that you are sending out valid mail which contains the correct address and can help you to stay one step ahead in the competition.

In the past, the only way to validate a canadian address was to go down to the local post office and validate addresses yourself. This was not only time consuming but also very tedious. That problem has now been solved with the use of a special database that contains both the address and the postal code data. Using this database will enable you to get to know about Canada as if you were really there. This can be done simply by entering your address into a secure website and you will get to know all about the postal codes and their meaning in the CANADA.